Journal History

JGE (Journal of Exploration Geophysics) was first published in 2013 with a volume of 3 numbers published a year in print. Since 2014 the manager of JGE (Journal of Exploration Geophysics) is Rian Amukti and in 2018 changed to Rahmat Catur Wibowo. A new journal manager account was obtained in 2018, so that new journal management was improved in the middle of the year. The composition of the Editorial Team, Peer Review, Template and Writing Format changed in 2019.

Change of web address from to caused by technical problems. The old web address is still active (but not use for publishing) and only used for the archieved.

In early 2020, editorial in chief has changed from Mr. Ahmad Zaenudin to Mr. Rahmat C. Wibowo and editorial member too. In July 2020 template and cover has changed based on editorial advisor suggestion. The JGE 2021-v2 template is valid for the July 2021 edition.